What style of place cards should I use for my wedding?

Photo by ashley NOelle Edwards

Photo by ashley NOelle Edwards

Don’t you love all the beautiful inspiration pictures you see on Pinterest about place and escort cards? But really, how will you choose what kind of place cards you should go for on your wedding day?

Place Cards vs Escort Cards

Both of these cards will inform each of your guests where they will be seated. A place card will indicate the exact seat at the table where each guest will be seated and usually will also indicate in a small and cute way their meal choice. These can be used along with a beautiful seating chart at the entrance of your reception area indicating by table or last name the table where they are assigned.

The escort card usually will indicate just the table but not the specific seat of each guest. You can beautifully display them at the entrance of your reception area.

Styles & Ideas

Usually flat or creased paper would be the most simple and affordable option. To that you can add wax seals, a splash of watercolor or silk ribbon. You can use these to indicate the meal choice in different colors and will look so cute on the table.

Other styles in a higher price range include using different mediums for the cards, like writing on ribbon, leather, tiles, glass, acrylic and much more!

So what kind of cards will you choose for your wedding? What’s your style?